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This is the press release.↓

It’s the source tells the SARS-CoV-2 spreads faster than seasonal flu.↓


The source tells high death rate.↓(If you click the link on ”&”, you can choose the language on right upper part.)

Cases:884,159×100=4.9%)April 01, 2020, 14:02 GMTをもとに計算しました。
I calculated the answer from the number of Deaths:44,169 and Coronavirus Cases884,159. The answer is 4.9%) The time was April 01, 2020, 14:02 GMT.

 2020/04/01現在の状況をお伝えいたします。Hi. I will use English from the point of five minutes slider.

I share my document.
Today is 2020, April, 1st. I want to say you should take 10 times count for the Corona Virus Cases. I will tell you why.
Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare gave us the press release and it said “The people who come back Japan from foreign country, and there were 20 people have Corona virus. Only two people felt funny, but other 18 didn’t feel anything.”
The condition of two people were little cough, and cannot smell and taste. I put on the link on beneath though it’s in Japanese.
What I want to tell you is, 90 percent people cannot feel they have corona virus.
The number of Coronavirus Cases reported by the government is rely on the people who went a hospital if they didn’t take quarantine like through airports. (Sorry, it’s a not good sentence. I meant to say that the government could take the examine if people come to the hospital except for they have to take quarantine like pass through the airport.)
They are like 10 percent, but others cannot feel funny even they have the virus. Plus, they move active. That’s why Okayama prefecture where I live has four cases, but it means over 40 people have the virus.
This virus is very dangerous. Because it has 1.4 – 6.49 times infectivity, and death rate is about 20 times – at lease 50 times of an annual flu. I will put the source.

Now, Japan got many message from USA, Canada, Europe, and they said
Stay the fuck home…
I believe the situation of Japan is like U.S.A on three weeks ago. Now, Japan has 57 victims. If we Japanese will choose a wrong direction, it will make over 50,000 victims. I hope you take care of yourself. Thank you for watching.